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Bodymapping and The Art of Change


"Body Mapping allows you to see the past, the present, but also the future.

If this is the future that a community desires, how do we get there?


Beatrice Kizi Nzovu, Life & Peace Institute, Kenya

"The training changed my life.

Now I see myself as a thinker who can change society

Sanaa Ashraf Sharif - Participant in body mapping workshop, Somalia 

This video, produced by Art2Be and the Performing Violence Cluster discusses the impact of Body Mapping as a research and intervention tool in Kenya and Somalia. Peace-builders, artists, workshop facilitators and participants offer insights into how body mapping can help produce change in societies affected by conflict.

You can find out more about how body mapping is used in contexts of gender and violent extremism through the Body Maps produced by the Gender and Resistance to Violent Extremism project.


Omar Mohamed Abdi - Youth Hub Leader - CISP Somalia






















































































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Sanaa Ashraf Sharif

Abdulkadir Ato - Culture field co-ordinator - CISP Somalia

Maryann Burris - Founder TICAH

Beatrice Kizi Nzovu - Life & Peace Institute, Kenya 

Abdirahman Ahmed Siyad 

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