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Performing Violence 2021 Conference Recordings

Roundtable: Imaging Social Justice
16 November 2021

Chair: Jelke Boesten, King’s College London (KCL), co-convenor of King’s Visual and Embodied Methodologies Network

  • Ivana Bevilacqua, KCL: Puzzling: The Sensory Politics of Infrastructure.

  • Mary Anna Vargas, KCL: Making Song.

  • Andrea Espinoza, KCL: Portraying indigenous women: Between endurance and resistance.

  • Rosa Heimer, KCL: Stitching voices, stitching bodies: Latin American survivors mapping coloniality, violence and resistance.

  • Tiffany Fairey, KCL: The Home Stay Exhibitions.

All works can be viewed here in full process:

And here in a summary-video presentation (approx 40 minutes):

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