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Young People and Everyday Peace: Exclusion, Insecurity and Peacebuilding in Colombia. (n.d.). Routledge & CRC Press.


Cabedo-Mas, A., Nethsinghe, R., & Forrest, & D. (2017). The Role of the Arts in Education for Peacebuilding, Diversity and Intercultural Understanding: A Comparative Study of Educational Policies in Australia and Spain. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 18(Number 11).

analytical tool, gender, therapy

Body Maps of Resistance: Understanding everyday resistance to violent extremism in Kenya

Lebanon Memory Archive is a multimedia website that curates the stories and conversations surrounding the necessary memory of the violence in Lebanon, with a focus on the civil war.

gender, therapy, peacebuilding

Dr. Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen: The Criminal Gang Syndicate, Gendered Nuances and Violence: Body Maps as tool for research and Intervention

storytelling, film, peacebuilding

In societies affected by armed conflict, dealing with the past can prevent violence and promote justice. However collective memory is often monopolised by political elites and mirrors societal inequalities. In response, citizens devise bottom-up practices to bypass and oppose hegemonic narratives. Through informal archives and oral narratives, the project explores practices that challenge hegemonic discourses of conflict by creating spaces for dialogue and advancing demands for justice and accountability.


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